About Me

BrianPibb aka Brian Armstrong started his relationship with dance music growing up in Gainesville Texas when he was passed down a cassette tape of the soundtrack to the film, Cool World in 1992. On that tape, he came across Moby's "Next Is The E (Long Arms Mix)" and was hooked. He went on to ingest as much content as possible from the local cd store but was much too young to attend events with this type of music. He found solace in a Dallas Radio station, 94.5 KDGE, also known as The Edge where they had a show on Saturday nights dedicated to dance music: Edge Club'94 w/ hosts Jeff K & DJ Merritt. As he grew up he went on to throw parties with some sort of entertainment in high school, which was an alternative to the usual "keggers" that was the right of passage growing up. Usually consisted of a local garage band or with a made-up rig with a record player, dual tape decks, and some lights from Radio Shack. He would go each week to Musicland to buy several albums which consisted of rock, metal, industrial, alternative, and electronica. He would come across an artist that would later be of importance in his life when he heard "Higher State Of Consciousness" from Josh Wink.

In 1998, he was handed a flyer to an event with Josh Wink as the featured artist. Also, it had DJ Merritt also on the lineup so it was of importance to attend since these artists he was familiar with both of these artists and now old enough to attend an event. His life was change and embraced rave culture instantly. At the event was handed a postcard promoting a Dallas networking Rave Board on the internet, when the world wide web was still in its infancy. When trying to figure out a name that can be recognized, to network with others, he decided to use the name of the drink he was drinking, Mr. Pibb, to connect with. The name has been stuck with him ever since. A year later before he graduated High School decided to throw a rave in his hometown with two friends he grew up with, who also embraced the music community. It grew into something much bigger than anticipated where he was slowly making a name in the community as a promoter. Also at his first rave, he attended he was introduced to the music that, at the time, didn't know would change his life: Drum & Bass. The DJ playing was Dieselboy. Unique, but he thought it was weird and not accessible. It didn't immediately grow on him until as a joke decided to get on the microphone with one of the DJs at the event he was throwing and rap Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" over the music. He received some positive feedback during the mock performance and it reached the ear of Dallas promotion company Zedan Productions. He received a call a week later from Reggie Zeno who was later known as the godfather of the Dallas Dance Community, of Zedan Productions. and accepted a gig as an MC at The Ridglea Theater, in 1999. From then on, MC Pibb was born, and would MC any chance he was given. As an MC he helped make the Drum & Bass scene thrive in Dallas when the underground was rearing its head to the public. He has had the opportunity to MC for some of the biggest names globally in the genre when tours would stop in Dallas. He has also traveled to perform in other cities in the US and of course throughout Texas. In 2003, he wanted to try his hand at DJing usually playing the opening slot or small events when given the opportunity. As time progressed he started to focus on promoting himself as a DJ and less as an MC. When he found he was going to be a father in 2007, he dropped out of the scene to get ready for fatherhood and making a home for his son. After a few years after his son was born, when he turned 2 he found out that he was diagnosed with autism. At the time few insurance plans were covering therapies because it wasn't a proven science. So to make extra money Brian went back to djing starting out djing as a favor for a friend's wedding. Then was given a try out at Chaucer's in Allen TX concentrating on music outside of the comfort zone. He was hired and by jumping to the occasion learned trance, house, top 40, Latin, and Hip Hop that he had never messed with before. Soon I branched out to the other Chaucers locations and got other opportunities as time went on. He decided to go into business for himself in 2012 as a mobile DJ for any occasion.

He has been in business for almost 8 years. Through that time he has worked with some of the biggest vendors in DFW Metroplex. He had the opportunity to DJ on 89.3 FM and also been featured in the Dallas Observer. He has done Proms, Quinceaneras, Donated time to Charities, Corporate Events, House Parties, Karaoke, and several weddings as a business owner. He has own dance lights, lasers, haze machine, fog machine, wireless mics, uplighting, and sound to make any event special. When he is isn't djing he's an avid movie collector and happy cat parent of 3 that he shares with his girlfriend of 8 years, Sheena